How does it work? Overview Summary

  Applying for development credit is easy, and simple. Simply fill out an application online, and once approved you will be able to use the credit to purchase web development, web hosting, and other services. You just have to pay the credit within a specific amount of time, 12 months to 60 months depending on the amount you financed. 

Who is qualified?

  Applications will be reviewed by a professional underwriter. Qualified applicants will be contacted through regular mail with the amount that has been approved.

How much do I pay?

  We do not require a downpayment for financing credit. However we charge a small interest rate on your balance. This interest rate is dependent on your financial status of your business, or the size of your business project. Interest rates range from 9.95% to 18.97%.

How much credit will I receive?

  Our MINIMUM credit approval is $1,500.00 with a maximum of $50,000.00. If your web development project is less than the minimum credit, you may use the remaining credits on other web services.

How do I receive the credit?

  Credit is deposited to your Account, and is available for immediate use. For use with website development, we will hold the amount quoted for. Once we have finished your development project you may use the remaining credit for web hosting, and other web services offered.

When do I pay my balance?

  You may pay your balance anytime, or you may pay every 15th of the month the minimum amount due.

What if I'm late making a payment?

  Payments 10 business days late is charged an additional $30.00 USD Late fee. Payments beyond 30 days will accur a $3.00 daily late fee charge, until the account is brought up to date.

What if I cannot afford to pay?

  Clients that are late on payments beyond 120 days will have their account suspended until the account is brought up to date. All services will also be shutdown, including websites, telephone services, email services, and domain services. Clients will also be placed in collection, and payments will be collected by a third party collection agency. The collection agency may report the account as overdue on the persons credit report.

Can I withdraw the credit as cash?

  No. Credit is not redeemable for any cash amount. Credit is only redeemable on Products and Services. Restrictions applies.