Agana Shopping Center

Design inspired by the Windows 8 Operating System. This design allows multiple avenues of data to be shown to the visitor without being overwhelmed. Powered by our powerful (AW) Framewok, their marketing team can easily modify the site to their needs without any assistance from a developer!

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Delta Firearms

Designed as a social community for Firearm experts. We designed this website to be user friendly, as well as interactive to visitors. You can login using Facebook Connect, or register an account with the community. Users can post comments, create forum threads, post pictures, upload videos, and customize their profile. All of these were created by our (AW) Framework.

Moments by Maria

A simple design but extremely effective. The website features a photo slide gallery with multiple transition effects. As well as social ../../cache features that allow visitors to like or recommend pages. Twitter is fully integrated with the website to allow for Micro blogging, and quick news updates. All of this powered by our (AW) Framework.

JAG Guam is powered by our business (AW) Framework and designed with a simple layout that makes it extremely effective for clients to setup shipping quotes. Built around a wall of security this website is fully integrated with our Business systems to ensure this website is PCI-DSS Certified, and secure from hackers 100% of the time. With our framework visitors can send secure shipping quotes by using a secure quote system, and have the piece of mind that their data is 100% protected.

Guam Pride

A Guam Community only website that allows members to sign up, post comments, upload videos, and photos. As well as connect with other members using customized profiles. Powered by our (AW) Framework this community is possible, and is easily maintained by the administrators with no technical knowledge.