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Free SSL Certificate


The FreeSSL security certificate is a fully functional security certificate with a term of 30 days, available completely free of charge. This trial SSL certificate allows you to try before you buy. Since FreeSSL uses the same exact technology as a RapidSSL certificate (a Symantec subsidiary), you can use it to test RapidSSL before live implementation. This also gives you a chance to experience the SSL certificate ordering, CSR generation, and installation processes prior to purchase, with no commitment.

  • Trial SSL Certificate, 100% Free, 30-Day Term
  • SSL Emailed to You Typically in 10 to 15 Minutes
  • No Paperwork: Automated Validation
  • Browser Recognition of 99%
  • SSL Encryption at the Industry-Standard 128/256-Bit
  • No Credit Card or Payment Information Required
  • RapidSSL Certificate on a Trial Basis at No Charge


Try Out a FreeSSL Certificate, Get it in Minutes

A Trial SSL certificate with over 99% browser compatibility, FreeSSL is a great opportunity for those wanting to see a certificate in action.


Who Issues and Authorizes the Certificate?

RapidSSL, the Certificate Authority (CA), will directly issue your FreeSSL. Pop-up windows and security errors typically experienced with some certificates will be avoided with FreeSSL. Its compatibility is 99%, just like RapidSSL.

Fast, Seamless Issuance to Your Inbox

The speediest fully automated SSL issuance system on the planet delivers FreeSSL. Your administrative rights to the domain associated with your purchase are validated automatically. The authentication process takes just a few minutes, with a lag time typically no longer than fifteen (15) minutes.

The online validation process via FreeSSL’s Approver Email directly follows ordering of the SSL certificate. Instantaneous issuance follows immediate verification of this step.

The buttons below allow you to purchase the trial FreeSSL version of RapidSSL or, if you like, go ahead and purchase a one- to five-year version of the RapidSSL certificate (as low as $10.95/year)

Small Business Package Promo

Small Business Promotional

We are introducing our small business package promotional plan to encourage small businesses to enter the digital age! In an effort to promote small businesses, and to help them strive for success in the digital age we are introducing our flat fee promotional package. This package is a limited time offer, and is only available to small businesses (our definition of a small business is a business that makes less than $700,000 per annum). This promo cannot be redeemed after the end of the promotion period. 

What do I get for my $600?

You will receive the following products, and services

  • Professional Web Design & Informational Development
  • (AW) Fortune 500 Enterprise Framework(tm)
  • Free Domain Name & Registration Management
  • secMail services with 1yr subscription Anti-Spam (secure email)
  • 3 months PCI-DSS Certified Managed Business Web Hosting
  • 1 year Business Validation seal with Daily Malware Scanning
  • 1 year Extended Validation (EV) SSL 256bit SHA1 Certificate
  • $250,000 in SSL Certificate Insurance
  • 6 months Web Managed Support (bronze)
  • Toll-Free Number with 100 FREE minutes

A $4,500 Value for only $600!

How long does it take to finish my website?

Web design, and development may take up to 4-16 business days depending on current workloads. secMail and security features will be installed once the development process has been finished. However the website itself as in the write-ups and business articles depends on the business owner or assigned advisor of the business.

What is PCI-DSS Certified WebHosting?

Our special PCI-DSS Certified Web Hosting for businesses and e-commerce is highly regarded as one of the most secure hosting infastructure in the world. We use U.S. Government security standards for our business web hosting, and we ensure 24/7 monitoring and server protection physically, and artificially. PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is a compliance standard that all corporations, banks, and government websites must comply to when storing credit card information, or handling extremely sensitive financial information. However at Affect Web, we use the PCI-DSS standards as the basic standard for ALL business websites. We also offer RAID 10, and daily off-site backups to ensure recovery in the unlikely event of data loss.

What is Extended Validation SSL?

As an official partner of multiple SSL Certificate Authorities (CA), we are allowed to sell Extended Validation Certificates at a cheaper price to our clients. Extended Validation is used to fully validate that the website you are on is authentic and secure. Normally only large corporations would use this for security, and to show that they care about their website. Extended Validation websites are hard to come by these days due to the strict standards placed on these certificates. However at Affect Web, we take most of the hassle out, as we have done EV Certificate issuance numerous times.

What does EV SSL look like?

If you have ever seen a Green Bar, that means that site has an EV SSL Certificate. This ensures optimal security, authentication, and organization verification. Due to the prices of these Certificates business do not opt for an EV certificate, however for this promo an EV certificate is provided FREE of charge. Normal EV prices range from $400 - $1,600 a year.

How do I choose a domain name?

You may use our domain checker, or you may suggest domain names directly to us. Domain names is the URL you type when you want to visit a website. Example and many more. You may choose to have a .com .net .org .co .info .im as long as the domain is not registered by somebody else.

How do I use my toll-free number?

In order to use your toll-free number you must have a current phone number. All we do is forward the toll-free call directly to your local number. Nothing to setup, no hassle, no problems. This is how it works. Someone from Hawaii calls your toll-free number, your toll-free numbers will automatically forward it to your local phone number, and will automatically be connected.

How do I add minutes?

After your free initial 100 minutes are used up, you may purchase more minutes directly from the client portal. Prices may vary.

What documents do I need to avail of this promo?

For small businesses all you need is your Business License to redeem this special price. However in order to redeem your Extended Validation SSL certificate more documents will be required.

How do I sign-up?

Click on the button below to redeem your promo, all you have to do is request a quote, and finalize the deal before November 10, 2011. No downpayment required to avail of this promo prior to November 10.