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We provide the best in personal, business, government web development, and in proprietary  web management. See how we stack up against our competitors, and find out why we are the best choice to develop your web project.

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Fully Managed Web Hosting

Focus on your business interests, not your IT infrastructure. We've created the service with expert planning and support to create Managed Hosting that's as on-demand and flexible as your pace of operations. Over 10,000+ Clients trust our hosting solutions.

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Enterprise Security

Learn how Affect Web Technologies proprietary security software, and data encryption can secure your business. Use the latest in web security technology on your website, network, or cloud!

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Best Prices

We've partnered up with the most known vendors on the internet in order to provide our clients the best in prices! We can provide SSL Certificates, Enterprise Security, and Governmental IT solutions at the fraction of the retail price!

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Security Audit 11/4/2011 (secMAIL)

11/4/2011 Security Audit for our secMAIL services

All Clients have been upgraded to the latest version of our secMAIL services. Below is the list of changes, and fixes.


SSL/TLS Vuln Zero Day & BEAST


Microsoft today said it will issue a Windows security update to plug a long-known hole in the protocol that secures websites.

Although the flaw in SSL (secure socket layer) 3.0 and TLS (transport layer security) 1.0, the follow-on Web encryption protocol to SSL, has been known for about a decade, a practical exploit only surfaced last week when a pair of researchers demonstrated what they called BEAST, for "Browser Exploit Against SSL/TLS," a hacking tool that attacks browsers and decrypts cookies, potentially giving attackers access to encrypted website log-on credentials.


Press Release

GSA Fiscal 2011-2012 Report:


DBA: Ulatan Web Solutions (SP)

Tradestyle2: Affect Web Technologies

SIC: 7371 NAICS: 541511 CAGE: 6KH79

Total Awarded: $184,930.41

POC EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

CEO: Jeffrey C. Ulatan